Jewellery & Watch Photography

Jewellery & Watch Photography

Experience is the key when photographing jewellery. Working with many large jewellery and watch brands we have established ourselves and are trusted as the #1 premium jewellery photography studios in London.

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Reflecting quality
through imagery

Our creative solutions make your still life photography really stand out. Our photographers have over twenty years experience in fashion, magazines and advertising so we have a clear understanding for composition and professional lighting.

We appreciate that your advertising photography plays an important part of selling your product and that you may only have one chance to capture your audience’s imagination. Our still life photographers always ensure that your products look as eye-catching and as appealing as possible. So if you are looking for something that wows your customers and has real impact, then why not get in touch to discuss our services?

Jewellery Photography


With opulent jewels and intricate metalwork, jewellery requires a level of understanding in order to be photographed properly. At Blend, we believe we possess this skill. Our talented team of photographers and retouchers, paired with state of the art equipment, mean we can capture every detail in stunning quality.

We have experience working with several large clients, on a variety of pieces – from antique earrings to diamond rings. These have been shot as both e-commerce images, and also as creative still life shots.

Our retouchers use advanced techniques to enhance all images, adding additional lustre, shine and sparkle to your jewellery. The finished image is guaranteed to capture the customers attention. Book your jewellery product shoot with us today!

Jewellery photography

In The Details

Our high quality equipment means that even the tiniest details can be captured, and a high resolution means these can be zoomed into for your customers to view. 


It’s important to show different shots of your jewellery so customers can see as much of the detail and shape as possible. We can provide you with several angles of your pieces to demonstrate this, and also offer 360 GIFs and video as additional content.

Looking for video?


At Blend we pride ourselves in producing images that are compelling and have a standard of luxury, with watch photography being no exception. Our professional studio equipment means we can light your products to perfection – highlighting any engravings, embellishments and textures that make your watch unique.

We shoot both E-commerce and Still Life, so we can cater to any watch product photography you need for your collection, from shots for your website to social media campaigns. Our E-commerce is consistently clean and refined, with your watch being the exclusive aspect of the shot. Still Life means you can be more creative with your styling – bringing props, textures and colour into the picture to enhance your brand image.

Jewellery Photography

How we work

Our team work skilfully and efficiently to give you the best results, from refining the lighting to adding any finishing touches in retouch. A combination of your brands vision and our professional work flow will guarantee you exceptional images every time.

What to expect

The work we produce is always completed to an exceedingly high standard. Throughout the process we value your input and feedback in order to ensure you are more than satisfied with the photography – meaning our clients are always happy.